The idea for THE STATE OF GRACE came from an old lecturer of mine. Whilst on the road to discovery into what it truly was I wanted to do, we began discussing states of being and what it would be like to be in a ‘state of grace’. This conversation was intended as a humorous discussion of banter but little did we know that there was indeed truth and meaning behind it. And that in fact it would be the bottom step of my very long ladder. Grace Smith theatre director

THE STATE OF GRACE is a place where ideas come from; where creativity flows and art is brought to life. My ideal is to take a text and make the words come to life on stage, through a creative mess of collaboration. Although I am one director, I do not work alone. I am a strong believer that artists work better together rather than alone and so THE STATE OF GRACE exists to bring artists of all descriptions together in order to produce magnificent work.

Photography by Camilla Fox

Photography by Camilla Fox

My past works range from classics such as Shakespeare and Euripides to musicals, farces, black comedies and performance art. Although I enjoy directing all types of theatre and am keen to learn, develop and discover new skills and lessons, my passions lie in classic writing. I love working on famous texts and trying to discover depth in them. I consider myself a keen dramaturge and love researching into past political situations and other situations of the like.

My specific training is in physical theatre and although I still enjoy directing physical theatre I believe texts are where my ideas are strongest. I do have a visual eye, however and so I try to combine the text with the visual. I have created works that have been both textual as well as visual and when combined together this can present a real spectacle.

I am currently looking to extend my repertoire of work and am keen to discover new texts and methods of directing as well as work together with other like-minded creative people.

On this website you will find a collection of information about myself and my work, along with other works that I am supporting. There will be continuous updates on my work including rehearsal photos, performance dates etc. You can also find my contact details on the website and if you think I might be able to help you stage a piece of theatre, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Although my base is in London, I have travelled to Hull, Leeds, Portsmouth and Brighton and am keen to work in new spaces in different cities.

Thank you.


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